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Touba Collision Center & Auto Repair Shop of Reading, PA – Berks County will provide you a quick and FREE auto body repair estimate upon approval for your vehicle within minutes.

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Welcome to our Reading, PA, vehicle restoration & auto repair shop

At Touba Collision Repair Center, Painting & Auto Repair Shop of Reading, PA, we are committed to providing top-notch services for all your car repair needs.

Our experienced car repair technicians use state-of-the-art automotive equipment and techniques to restore your vehicle to its pristine condition. From minor dents to major collisions, we’ve got you covered.

Our Car Repair Services

Auto Body Repair

Touba Collision Center is your premier destination for auto body repair in Reading, PA, and beyond.

Learn more about Touba’s Auto Body Repair in Reading.

PA Vehicle Inspection

Touba has been rated #1 choice for thorough PA Vehicle Inspection by Reading’s car owners.

Learn more about Touba’s PA Vehicle Inspection in Reading.

Transmission Replacement

If your vehicle’s transmission fails, our experts has years of experience replacing transmissions.

Learn about Touba’s Transmission Replacement in Reading.

Car Engine Repair

Got engine problems? We can help! Engine problems can be frustrating and expensive, but with our engine repair services, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands.

Brakes & Rotors

If you're experiencing brake issues, resolving them as soon as possible is essential. Our brake and rotor service is designed to improve the safety and performance of your vehicle.

Tires & Wheel Balancing​​

Proper tire maintenance is crucial for ensuring the safety and performance of your vehicle. Our wheel alignment service is designed to extend the life of your tires.

Tire Alignment

If your vehicle pulls to one side or experiences handling issues, it may need an alignment. Our alignment services are designed to ensure that your vehicle's wheels are properly aligned, improving handling and stability and extending the life of your tires.

Oil Change

Regular oil changes are essential for running your vehicle smoothly and efficiently. Our oil change service is designed to replace your old, dirty oil with fresh, high-quality oil, improving the performance and longevity of your engine.

Enhanced Vehicle Inspection

Our enhanced vehicle inspection services are the perfect solution for a more comprehensive vehicle inspection. Touba will assign you to an experienced vehicle inspector who will thoroughly inspect your vehicle, including a road test, and provide a detailed report of their findings.

Notary Services

We also offer notary services for your convenience. Our trained notary public is available to notarize your important documents, giving you peace of mind and saving time.

Car Registration Tags

Need new auto tags? We can help you! Our auto tags & vehicle services can help you obtain new auto tags quickly and easily to get back on the road.

Car Towing Services

If you cannot drive your vehicle, we offer reliable car towing services to get it to our auto repair center. Our towing services are fast and affordable.

Reading, PA residents choose Touba Collision Center & Auto Repair Shop for all their car collision services and auto repair needs.

Why Choose Touba Collision Center & Auto Repair Shop of Reading, PA?

Restoring normalcy to your everyday life by helping you every step of the way to get you back to your independence.

Our experienced team will always educate you on your car’s health and offer straightforward solutions and pricing, so you can make the right decision for you and your family. We know how important your car is to you, so we make it easy to schedule and complete all your repair and maintenance services in one place.

Here are a few key reasons why you should choose Touba collision center, painting, and auto repair shop in Reading, PA.

Comprehensive Services

At Touba Collision Repair Center, we offer a wide range of services, including body repair and painting, transmission replacement, engine repairs, brakes and rotors services, tires and wheel balancing, alignment, oil change, and more. We can assist you if you need routine vehicle maintenance, car body work, or an auto repair service!

Expert Car Technicians

Our team of trained auto repair technicians is highly skilled and experienced. Our professional automotive repair uses cutting-edge equipment and techniques to ensure your vehicle is repaired to the highest standard. Our automotive service technicians will diagnose and fix any issues your vehicle may face and ensure it runs smoothly and safely.​

Reliable Towing Services

If you cannot drive your vehicle, we offer reliable towing services to get it to our auto repair center in Reading, PA. Our towing services are fast and affordable, ensuring that your car is in good hands from when it is picked up.​

Convenient And Affordable

We strive to make auto repairs as convenient and affordable as possible. We offer competitive pricing, flexible scheduling, and a comfortable waiting area so you can comfortably wait for your vehicle.​

Commitment To Customer Satisfaction

Touba Collision Repair Center is committed to providing the best auto care services. We strive to get you back on the road as quickly and smoothly as possible and take pride in delivering quality service and outstanding customer satisfaction.​

Trusted Work

At Touba Collision Center & Auto Repair Shop of Reading, PA, we take pride in our quality of work, from detailed body work, repairing your collision needs to full detailed inspections and clean oil change.

We accept all major credit cards, personal checks and cash.

Full payment is required for vehicle pick up; either insurance deductible or complete bill if paying out-of-pocket.

Image showcasing all the major credit cards Touba Collision Center and Auto Repair Shop of Reading, PA, accepts.

Why we chose Reading, PA, as the location for Touba Collision and car repair center?

Image depicting the Pagoda in Reading, PA.

The reason for choosing Reading, PA, to open our Touba Collision Repair Center, Painting & Auto Repair Shop is its rich history as a center of commerce and transportation and its continued growth and prosperity as a hub for healthcare, education, and business.

As a vibrant and dynamic city with a thriving arts and cultural scene, excellent restaurants and shops, and a commitment to sustainability and innovation, Reading residents will require top-quality auto repair services.

We wanted to provide professional yet affordable auto repair services by opening Touba Collision Repair Center, Painting & Auto Repair shop in Reading, PA. The city’s rich history and continued growth make it an ideal location for our Touba automotive repair shop.

With a long tradition of commerce and transportation, Reading has a strong economy and a diverse population that requires a reliable and affordable collision repair center and a car repair shop close to the city and easy to access.

From busy professionals to families with multiple vehicles, Touba provides Reading locals looking for automotive service professionals and top-quality service.

In addition, the city’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, its thriving arts and cultural scene, and its excellent restaurants and shops make it a great place to live, work, and do business.

This combination of a strong local economy and a high quality of life makes Reading an ideal location for Touba Collision Repair Center, Painting.

By offering a full range of services, from body repair and painting to transmission replacements and engine repairs, we are confident that we will meet the local community’s needs and establish ourselves as a trusted and respected provider of auto repair services in Reading, PA.

We are trusted by major insurance carriers, and we’re often pre-approved, which saves you time and energy of getting multiple estimates. At Touba Collision Center & Auto Repair our goal is to give our customers steady and reliable service within our community and beyond. We pride ourselves in being efficient and honoring our customers’ requests with consistent and dependable service. 

We understand how difficult and frustrating an accident can be, which is why we at Touba Collision Center & Auto Repair are here to coax you through this time and make this transition as smooth as possible.

We are detailed and provide impeccable service and we have built a strong reputation thus far for excellent service.  

What Customers Are Saying About Touba Collision Center & Auto Repair Shop of Reading, PA?

We’ll let our customers speak about their experience with Touba.

I am please with the work done to repair the door on the driver's side of my car. I did not get it back on time because Galax told me that he wanted the car to have the right color. I really appreciate when someone tells me the truth. I will return to have the rest of work done. Keep up the good work guys
Myrna Saul
I had good service and my car is running good. The workers are friendly and professional. Also they are upfront with customers and reasonable in price.
Joella Simmons
I spoke to LaLa who greeted me immediately upon entering the reception area. I explained to her that there is a grinding coming from one of the tires and she relayed the information to Master Mechanic Lester who took my car fixed the issue and took the time to explain exactly what the problem was. They made me feel like family and had me out of there in less than an hour..Most places require you to make an appointment or leave your car for a few hours and rarely make you feel comfortable. For me they are very professional and courteous to their customers.
Vincient Wimberly
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